Phone Services

Are you ready to take your phone system to the next level?

Our Voice over Internet services allow you to integrate your phone system with anything you set your sights on.

Low cost: As low as $0.009/min!

Integration with Point of Sale, CRM, and more.

Scalable: Add or remove phone lines at will.

Standard Plans


$25 / month

Up to 2500 US/Canada minutes

Unlimited channels


Caller ID

Park inactive numbers for $5/month


$45 / month

Up to 4500 US/Canada minutes

Custom IVR

Unlimited channels


Caller ID


$65 / month

Up to 7000 US/Canada minutes

Custom IVR

Unlimited channels


Caller ID

Integrate with your CRM or POS
* Free for loyalty app customers only

Additional usage billed at $0.015/min

Prices for the Services include any applicable customs duties, sales, use, value added, excise, federal, state, local, public utility or other similar taxes.
Additional phone numbers: $5/month.

Services Available

VoIP-specific hardware

We are a certified Grandstream reseller, but we work with VoIP-specific phones from Grandstream, Cisco, Polycom, and more!

Or... keep your old phones

We can set up adapters to power your existing analog telephones, keeping user-facing changes to a minimum!

Port your existing phone number

We can port most phone numbers to our system.  Contact us ahead of time to ensure that yours is portable.

IVR and Voicemail customization

Do you want to use a different voicemail message when you're open vs after hours?  How about integrating information from your CRM in your voicemail data?  We can build out the IVR however you like!

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